Sir Robert Menzies

Posted in 1969

  • Arthur Calwell receives an Honorary Doctorate from the University of MelbourneArthur Calwell, Labor leader from 1960-68, receives an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Melbourne where Sir Robert is serving the first of three consecutive terms as Chancellor.
  • Visits England to unveil a statue of Sir Winston Churchill, receives an honorary doctorate from the University of Kent, and performs his annual duty as Lord Warden.
  • On returning from England using a walking stick, he is quoted as saying 'We're both in pretty good repair ... I'm a little groggy underfoot.'Sir Robert Menzies in active retirement

Australian Events

Posted in 1969

  • Radio telescopeEqual pay for equal work - but 'female work' is specifically excepted.
  • July 20: The radio telescope in Parkes, NSW, shows the world the first pictures of the Apollo XI moon landing.
  • Rod Laver wins Wimbledon and completes the tennis grand slam the same year.

World Events

Posted in 1969

  • Launch of Apollo XIApollo XI lands on the moon: Armstrong and Aldrin are the first men to walk on the moon's surface, 20 July.
  • Withdrawal of troops from Vietnam begins.
  • China's "Cultural Revolution" formally ends. The following years are devoted to restoring normal conditions in China.
  • Civil disturbances in Ulster: Britain sends troops to Ulster to support the civil authorities.
  • First supersonic flight of Concorde airliner in October.


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