Women gain the right to vote

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Sir Robert Menzies

1907 Menzies goes to school in Ballarat
Robert and sister Belle leave Jeparit to join brothers, Les and Frank, living with their grandmother in Ballarat. They attend Humffray Street State School in 1907. Robert is taught by John McDonald and Thomas Jones.


Australian Events

Catherine Helen Spence Australia's first female political candidate 
Lord Hopetoun, the first Governor General, proclaims the Commonwealth of Australia with Sir Edmund Barton as Australia's first Prime Minister January 1, 1901. Australia is the first nation to give women both the right to vote and the right to stand for parliament in 1903


World Events

1905 Albert Einstein
Einstein publishes his special Theory of Relativity: Absolute time and absolute motion do not exist; all depends on the observer in 1905.