Sir Robert Menzies

Posted in 1964

  • On 6 July Menzies delivers the first Baillieu Lecture that was founded in London in honour of great Australian, Lord Baillieu.
  • Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies officially opens Lake Burley Griffin, CanberraOpening of Lake Burley Griffin:

"When the time came to give the lake a name, I remember my then minister for the Interior, Gordon Freeth, coming to me and saying, 'There is a widespread feeling that, as you have been in a material sense the father of this lake, it should be named after you.' My reply was prompt. 'Gordon,' I said, 'that is a characteristically pleasing thought on your part, but the lake is not going to be named after me. Do you remember that the original designer of this city and the original creator of the whole notion of a lake was Walter Burley Griffin. So far as I know, he has no memorial in this place. He must have one. I want to have the lake called Lake Burley Griffin.' It was so named and has given Griffin a memorial which no man ever more handsomely deserved."
R G Menzies The Measure of the Years, 1970 p 147-8.

  • Prime Minister Menzies watching the cricket at Lord's with his son, KenIn December Robert Menzies' Cabinet gives him a special dinner to celebrate his impending 70th birthday and his 15th anniversary as Prime Minister.

Australian Events

Posted in 1964

  • Australian troops to VietnamJuly: Australia suffers its first casualty in the Vietnam War as a result of enemy action in South Vietnam.
  • November: Compulsory National Service is reintroduced for 20 year old males. Conscientious objection to the war in Vietnam is not accepted as a reason for exemption.
  • December: Australian government offers to send ground troops to South Vietnam in response to requests from the Prime Minister of South Vietnam and the US President for 200 additional advisers.
  • Charles Perkins becomes the first Aborigine to graduate from an Australian university.
  • "The Beatles" English pop group tour Australia.

† Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia

World Events

Posted in 1964

  • Mushroom cloud of an atomic bomb explosionChina explodes an atomic bomb.
  • Indonesia invades Malaysia in a continuing confrontation.
  • US Ranger 7 reaches the Moon and sends back 4,000 photographs.





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