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The Measure of the Years

by Sir Robert Menzies, 1970: - Chapter 18: "The Petrov Spy Case", 1954 

Afternoon Light

by Sir Robert Menzies, 1967:

1895 - Speaking of his parents, James and Kate:
"My father, James Menzies, was a strongly built man..." 
"My mother was, in the most remarkable way, father's complement..."

1924 - on Menzies' practice of the law:
"... the practice of the law in court was and remains my first love. ..."

1926 - on British Commonwealth of Nations:
"By the time of the First World War, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand had been added to Canada as completely self-governing 'Dominions' ..."

1927 - on Menzies' intention to stand in the State election:
"When ... I called on him [Owen Dixon] to tell him that I was about to stand for Parliament,...

1932 - on Bodyline test cricket:
"I shall never forget the incident which provoked the ultimate crisis, for I saw it all ..."

Speech is of Time

Robert Gordon Menzies, 1958: Selected Speeches and Writings