1941a1 sForeword

“The broadcast essays in this volume were delivered weekly during 1942. Some of them deal with matters of permanent interest while others are dated by passing events. They have represented a serious attempt to clarify my own mind and assist listeners on questions which emerge in the changing currents of war. In a sense, within the acute limits of time and space, they represent a summarized political philosophy to which many thousands have been interested enough to listen and which hundreds of listeners-in have asked me to publish.

“It should perhaps be stated that their preparation and delivery have been a purely voluntary contribution on my part to the solution of contemporary problems. I am indebted to Station 2UE, Sydney, and its associated stations in Victoria and Queensland, for their courtesy in enabling this to be done; and to Messrs Robertson and Mullens Ltd of Melbourne for having published and circulated at their own cost the broadcast “The Forgotten People”, which gives its name to this book.”

R G Menzies

Chapter 1 - The Forgotten People
Chapter 2 - Freedom of Speech and Expression
Chapter 3 - Freedom of Speech and Expression
Chapter 4 - Freedom of Worship
Chapter 5 - Freedom from Want
Chapter 6 - Freedom from Fear
Chapter 7 - Freedom from Fear
Chapter 8 - Empire Control of an Empire War
Chapter 9 - What the British are doing in this War
Chapter 10 - Hatred as an Instrument of War Policy
Chapter 11 - Scrap iron for Japan
Chapter 12- The Censorship
Chapter 13 - The New Minister to Washington
Chapter 14 - Our American Allies
Chapter 15 - Lend-Lease
Chapter 16 - Women in War
Chapter 17 - Paying for the War
Chapter 18 - Post-war Planning
Chapter 19 - Rationalization of Industry
Chapter 20 - Taxing the Shareholder
Chapter 21 - Has Capitalism Failed?
Chapter 22 - The Drink Problem
Chapter 23 - Is Inflation a Bogey?
Chapter 24 - Compulsory Unionism
Chapter 25 - The Function of the Opposition in Parliament
Chapter 26 - The Opposition's Duty
Chapter 27 - The Government and Ourselves
Chapter 28 - Sea Power
Chapter 29 - The Statute of Westminister
Chapter 30 - Schools and the War
Chapter 31 - The Moral Element in Total War
Chapter 32 - The Law and the Citizen
Chapter 33 - The Nature of Democracy
Chapter 34 - The Sickness of Democracy
Chapter 35 - The Achievements of Democracy
Chapter 36 - The Task of Democracy
Chapter 37 - The Importance of Cheerfulness