Menzies political life blooms

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Sir Robert Menzies

1939 Menzies declares war

Robert Menzies is Acting Premier of Victoria for 3 months from February to June 1934. Later in the year Robert quits state parliament to contest the federal seat of Kooyong as a United Australia Party candidate. Robert Menzies becomes Prime Minister of Australia on 26 April 1939.    


Australian Events

1934 Menzies - Cabinet Minister 
Prime Minister Menzies declares that Australia is at war with Germany September 3, 1939. This reflects the attitude of the majority of Australians who considered that Britain's declaration of war on Germany automatically committed Australia to the conflict in their desire to provide traditional support for Britain.   

World Events

1939 Civilians surrender to German soldiers
September 3 1939: Britain and France declare war; World War II begins.

Discovery of nuclear fission of uranium by German physicist Otto Hahn. It led to the production of the atomic bomb and to a virtually inexhaustible source of energy.