Happy little Vegemites

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Sir Robert Menzies

1927 Menzies political start

At the end of 1927 Menzies announces his intention to nominate for the seat of East Yarra Province in the 1928 Victorian State election.



Australian Events

1923 Vegemite begins 
Women in Victoria are granted the right to stand for election to the Legislative Assembly in August 1923. "Vegemite" is first produced by the Fred Walker Cheese Co as well. In 1926 the invention of the pedal wireless by Alfred Traeger, a young inventor from Adelaide, was about to revolutionize life in outback Australia.  


World Events

1926 Leaning Tower of Pisa: "in danger of collapse"
It is reported in 1925 that the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy leans more every year and is in danger of collapse. John Logie Baird invents television in 1926. Fleming discovers penicillin which destroys bacteria, the first antibiotic in 1928.