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National History ChallengeThe National History Challenge (NHC) theme for 2016 is “Triumph and Tragedy”. The theme offers students the opportunity to explore various topics in history.

Special Category: Sir Robert Menzies

The NHC includes a Special Categories section that allows students the opportunity to focus on a specific topic while still incorporating the theme of “Triumph and Tragedy”.   

Robert Menzies: Elected to Victorian Parliament - Public domainThe Menzies Foundation is sponsoring the Special Category: Sir Robert Menzies.

The Menzies Foundation is a not-for-profit, non-political organisation established in 1979 to honour Sir Robert’s legacy by promoting excellence in health research, scholarship and postgraduate study by Australians.

Menzies in his time: Robert Gordon Menzies 1894-1978 - Australian statesman

"The years spanned by Menzies' lifetime had taken civilization from horseless carriages to freeways; from the Wright brothers to a jet that could cross the world in a day; instant telecommunication, bringing an isolated Australia into the 'global village'; wars that drew the nations together; the nuclear bomb; and a growing maturity as travel, education and culture became accessible to everyone; Menzies lived through the changes and seemed to enjoy the journey."

Video script Menzies in his time, 1994

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