Menzies Virtual Museum Launch

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  • PMarrival

    Sir Daryl Dawson welcomes Prime Minister John Howard to Clarendon Terrace
  • PM portrait
    Mr John Howard at Clarendon Terrace
  • L-R: Sandra Mackenzie,  Sir Daryl Dawson,  Prime Minister Howard,  Prof John Coghlan and  Diana Menzies

    L-R: Sandra Mackenzie,  Sir Daryl Dawson, Prime Minister Howard, Prof John Coghlan and Diana Menzies
  • Sir Daryl Dawson
    Sir Daryl Dawson
  • PMlaunch
    PM Howard launches the MVM website with Sandra Mackenzie looking on
  • PMaudience
    PM Howard addresses the audience at the MVM launch
  • DianaMenzies

    Ms Diana Menzies
  • SKMlect2

    Sandra Mackenzie presents a tour of the MVM website
  • JPC PMmedal2

    Prof Coghlan presents the Meszaros medallion to the Prime Minister
  • PMmedal
    Menzies Meszaros medallion

Menzies Virtual Museum Web Site launched by The Hon. John Howard, MP
Prime Minister of Australia

The Menzies Virtual Museum was launched on 13 September 2002 by the Hon. John Howard, MP, Prime Minister of Australia, at "Clarendon Terrace", the East Melbourne headquarters of the Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Foundation.

Prime Minister Howard was welcomed to Clarendon Terrace by Sir Daryl Dawson, Chairman of the Menzies Foundation, and introduced to an invited audience of 70 guests including representatives of the Menzies family, Sir Ninian Stephen and Sir William Vines, both past chairmen of the Foundation, and Mr Frank Crean, former Federal Treasurer.

The Prime Minister said in his address:

"It [the Foundation] has been a truly non-political body and I'm delighted to acknowledge here amongst others the presence of Frank Crean, the former Federal Treasurer and parliamentary colleague of mine for a number of years. And it is right and fitting that these foundations are supported and conducted in a totally apolitical fashion..."

"The Foundation over the years has carried out a tremendous amount of valuable work in supporting a wide range of scholarship and research and public health activities..."

"... I'm quite excited that you have decided to ... invite me to launch this virtual museum because what it does is to bring in contact with modern communications and technology the life and times of this remarkable Australian ... He [Menzies] had an extraordinary influence on this country and I think what is important about today is that it's another way of reflecting on the history of that period of time..."

"I think this virtual museum will be an invaluable educational resource particularly to young Australians. Daryl has mentioned that it contains 750 images from all periods of Sir Robert's life. I will look forward to browsing through it with great interest..."

"So I want to congratulate everybody involved in the development of this website including your previous Executive Director Dr Eric Wigglesworth, your current Director Professor John Coghlan, and your General Manager Sandra Mackenzie. It gives me very great pleasure therefore to officially launch the Menzies Virtual Museum."

Following the launch the Foundation's General Manager Sandra Mackenzie presented a tour of the website which was displayed on large screens for the audience. The tour provided an overview of the information and features available on the site. Ms Mackenzie demonstrated the accessibility of photographic material, played a sound clip of Sir Robert's declaration of war and a film clip of Sir Robert opening the Snowy Mountains Scheme. The Menzies Virtual Museum is designed to be of value to school children and scholars as well as members of the general public who have an interest in Australian history and the life and times of Sir Robert Menzies.

Diana Menzies, grand-daughter of Sir Robert Menzies, spoke on behalf of the Menzies family and read a message from Sir Robert's daughter, Mrs Heather Henderson who was unable to be present.

Professor John Coghlan, Executive Director of the Menzies Foundation thanked all those involved in the development of the site. He concluded by presenting a Menzies Meszaros medallion to the Prime Minister.

The web site is an ongoing project of the Menzies Foundation and will be updated continuously as material and funds become available.