Mrs Heather Henderson

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Message from Sir Robert's daughter, Mrs Heather Henderson read by
Diana Menzies at the opening of the Menzies Virtual Museum - 13th September 2002

I can say with certainty that my father would have been quite mystified by this computer-internet - "on-line" - Virtual Museum business. He never even got a grip of how the phone on his office desk worked.

Times and skills have changed: one our young grandsons has already been busy with the computer and proudly shown us 2 pages about Grandpa Bob which he got from the Menzies Foundation website.

My father told me not to be too distressed when, after he died, all the "Clever People" would say how useless and incompetent and wrong he was, because in time the facts would become known.

There can be no greater contribution to a proper understanding and knowledge of R G Menzies than this Virtual Museum. For this we will always be in debt to the Board, past and present, and Secretariat, past and present.

I am well aware of the pressures of being Prime Minister, and am extremely grateful to Mr Howard for finding the time to launch the Menzies Virtual Museum, which we all hope will be visited constantly.

Diana is a Menzies, and so probably hates having to read what someone else has written.

Over to you Diana.

Signed Heather Henderson