Australian Events

Posted in 1944

  • Australian troops in New GuineaAustralian and American troops advance in New Guinea.
  • Opposition Leader Robert Menzies establishes a non-Labor political party, the Liberal Party of Australia:

"The Liberal Party of Australia promotes 'free enterprise' and individual liberty: the idea that businesses and individuals should be free to pursue their interests and develop wealth with limited government controls to ensure fair dealing. It argues that the greatest benefits will flow to all citizens if governments encourage business, restrict intervention, and keep services limited to helping those in the community with most need whilst still encouraging self-reliance."
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  • Australia is in the grip of drought.
  • Meat rationing is introduced.
  • Uranium exploration begins on a large scale.
  • Soldiers James McAuley and Harold Stewart dupe a magazine editor into publishing the work of fictional poet Ern Malley.