World Events

Posted in 1942

  • Japanese soldiers invade a village in SingaporeJapan captures Manila, Singapore, Rangoon, Mandalay and the Philippines. The British ships Prince of Wales and Repulse are lost.
  • Battles of the Coral Sea in May and Midway in June bring USA naval victories over Japan.
  • The first electronic computer is built in the USA.
  • Battle of the Coral Sea: Japanese carrier burning - ArtToday © 2001-2002 www.arttoday.comEnrico Fermi contributes to atomic energy research with his work on artificial radioactive resources; helps split the atom in a controlled chain reaction which takes place on December 2 - on a volleyball field situated beneath Chicago's stadium.
  • Magnetic recording tape is invented.


Battle of the Coral Sea: Japanese cruiser after US bombing attack