Sir Robert Menzies

Posted in 1942

  • Menzies' book of broadcast essays The Forgotten PeopleMenzies publishes a book of 37 broadcast essays The Forgotten People which are delivered weekly during 1942. In his Foreword, Menzies states:

"Some of them deal with matters of permanent interest while others are dated by passing events. They have represented a serious attempt to clarify my own mind and assist listeners on questions which emerge in the changing currents of war. In a sense, within the acute limits of time and space, they represent a summarized political philosophy to which many thousands have been interested enough to listen and which hundreds of listeners-in have asked me to publish."

  • Read The Forgotten People essays including "Scrap Iron for Japan", "Our American Allies", "Women in War", "The Four Freedoms", "Compulsory Unionism" and "Schools and the War".