World Events

Posted in 1943

  • Destruction from bombing raids on BerlinMassacre in Warsaw Ghetto: German troops crush an uprising of Jews. In 1940 more than 300,000 lived in the ghetto behind high walls topped with broken glass and barbed wire, but by 1943 starvation, disease and "resettlement" in concentration camps had taken a severe toll.
  • Successful RAF "Dambuster" raids breach the Mohne and Eder Dams in Germany. The Lancaster bombers dropped "bouncing" bombs designed to skim the surface of the water and sink before exploding at the foot of the dam wall.Soldiers surrender to the Allies advancing on Rome
  • Mussolini is overthrown - Allies invade Italy. Italy surrenders unconditionally in September.
  • The British Air Ministry, BOAC and Qantas re-establish the England-Australia air link. The flight across the Indian Ocean from Perth, Australia to Sri Lanka sets a new distance record of 5652 kilometres.




Allies ride through Rome in June 1944