Sir Robert Menzies

Posted in 1911

  • "Sunset and Evening Star", school art work by Robert Menzies April 1911Attends school at Wesley College, Melbourne:

"Scholastically, Menzies did not shine particularly in his first two years at Wesley College. Although good at History and English, particularly the writing of essays, he was pathetically weak at mathematics, and by the end of his second year at the school it had become apparent that he could not win the scholarship to the university on which he had set his heart unless he dropped mathematics. He therefore switched to languages and at the end of the following year secured a government scholarship and also the much-coveted exhibition for the highest honours throughout the State in the public examination in English and History."
Sir Percy Joske, Sir Robert Menzies, 1894-1978 - a new, informal memoir, 1978 p 9.